Thanksgiving Festival Wishes

The Thanksgiving Day was initially celebrated in New England in colonial times. It is now a legal holiday in the United States. Most probably the Thanksgiving Day has emerged from the festival of harvest. In 1621, when the very first harvest was completed by Plymouth colonists, Governor William Bradford announced a day of prayer and thanksgiving that was collectively celebrated by the colonists and the neighboring Native Americans.

In 1621, for three days the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock held the Thanksgiving as a token of gratitude to the Wampanoag Indian tribal leaders and families who were the mentors of techniques necessary for the survival in the New World. It was the tradition of Wampanoags to serve the guest, a symbol of fortune, with all that a family had in home even if the food was less or insufficient. Fortunately, a Wampanoag (Tisquantum or Squanto) became friend of a British John Weymouth in his travel to England who taught him the language of pilgrims. Following the New England, the custom of Thanksgiving spread to other colonies while each state selected its own date of celebrations. It was proclaimed by the President Lincoln that the residents of the United States must unite “with one heart and one voice” to celebrate the national Day of Thanksgiving.Benjamin Franklin supported the turkey tradition. He was interested in making turkey national symbol because of its characteristics. It runs fast, wary, sharp eyes and demonstrates a regal stance.

Let us come to the tradition of thanksgiving in United States. It is celebrated on the forth Thursday of November each year. This year it is coming on November 26. It revolves around a lavish and huge meal in which turkey is kept as a central piece. There are a number of people who do not like turkey, for them there is a tradition of presenting a Roast or a Prime Rib. An exclusive prayer precedes the meal to offer thanks. It is also celebrated in a number of families that each number names a thing for which he or she is most grateful

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